Frequent asked questions

What does "zero shrinkage garment" mean?

La Methode garments are sold already washed.

This means that each product will not shrink after your first wash.
The appearance, texture, and size will therefore be definitive.

The water washing we perform is aimed at achieving dimensional stability of the fabric, for this reason, for the same size, the garments may have slightly different dimensions (about 1 cm).

For any doubts, please contact our customer service that will provide you with all the necessary instructions to help you choose serenely.

Did you receive a garment in a different size than ordered?

Did you receive a La Methode garment in the wrong size?

This includes the situation where you ordered a size M and received a size L.

In addition to apologizing, we ask you to immediately contact our customer service.

We will find a solution to this unexpected situation.

Did you realize that the garment doesn't fit well when you wore it?

Even though you carefully checked the measurements provided by our size charts, you received a garment that simply doesn't fit well.
Don't worry, it can happen, and this unexpected event will help us provide further information to our customers in the future.

Please fill out the return form and send it via our contacts.

We will find a solution to either exchange the item or reimburse you as provided in Chapter 7 of the Terms and Conditions..

Can't find the size you want?

La Methode is at your complete disposal to make the garment tailored to you.

Finding the right fit is not easy; we try to achieve it by working with a small functional collection of garments that provide different ergonomics depending on the fabric.

Have you found an irresistible garment but you're not sure about your size?
Use one of the contact channels to explain your needs:

Special projects are quoted individually and based on the customer's specific needs.

Does your La Methode garment have a defect?

Il tuo capo La Methode presenta un difetto?
No problem, we'll help you find a solution.
Please notify us promptly, within 15 days of receiving the item, of the defect and we will arrange for the return shipping.

Send us an email or a message attaching at least 2 photos of the item and the order confirmation received automatically on the day of purchase, we also ask you to fill out the following assistance form.
Photograph also the serial number, it will be indispensable.

Once it arrives at our workshop, it will be checked and, if possible, artisanally repaired.

If the defect is not repairable, we will contact you to define whether to:

  • Produce a new garment of the same type as ordered, if still producible and at no additional cost;
  • Offer you a voucher for your next order;
  • Agree on a refund.

Size exchange

Did you give a La Methode garment as a gift or did you realize that the size is not correct and you want to exchange it?

No problem, it can happen.
Contact us to organize the exchange using our channels:

As you know, each of our garments is made to order, which is why we will ask you to pay 10 € to cover the new logistics and handling expenses.

Withdrawal, returns and refund

Each La Methode item will be produced only on order.
This means that each garment is a unique piece, marked and equipped with a numbered hologram.

For our policy on handling withdrawals and returns, please see the appropriate section on our website refund and withdrawal.

Per assistenza diretta contattaci a:

How much will I pay for shipping?

The shipping cost will be calculated at the time of purchase based on the billing address.

Currently, shipments will only be made within Italy at the following costs:

  • €10 for Sicily and Sardinia;
  • €8 for all other regions.

Once the item is ready for shipment, you can:

- pick up the item yourself, free of charge, at our headquarters;
- receive it by courier, with delivery times ranging from 2 to 5 working days.

You will make this choice at the time of the order finalization process (check out)

Do you reside abroad? No problem.
Contact La Methode's laboratory at the email address info@lamethode.it or via Whatsapp chat and we will find the best solution together.

When will my order be shipped?

In the private section of our website, we will keep you updated on the production status of your order and its delivery.

Shipments will be processed from Monday to Friday, except on holidays.

The estimated production time for each product is generally between 4 and 8 weeks. 4 e le 8 settimane.

Our transparent supply chain is committed to being as timely and punctual as possible.
We will be honored to weave, refine, package and ship for you.

How can I make a purchase?

Buying on lamethode.it is easy:

  • browse through our exclusive products and decide which one to order.
  • if you already know what you're looking for, use the menu in the navigation bar or the search bar to find the product you're looking for
  • when you've found the right item, click the "Order" button
  • click "Checkout" to proceed, add shipping and payment details to complete the order
  • if you already have a La Methode account, you can check out more quickly using the data already saved
Can I modify my order?

If you want to modify or cancel your order, please contact our office at info@lamethode.it so that we can find the best solution for your needs.

You can generally cancel your order within 48 hours of the order confirmation date..

You can modify or cancel your order, by changing your choice, within 48 hours of placing your order by contacting:

To allow La Methode to collect all orders at the end of each month and optimize each production batch, we ask for your cooperation in every choice you make.
Your contribution in this journey towards a more controlled, local and respectful production will be fundamental.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payments with all major credit cards through the Stripe platform, with Paypal, or by bank transfer.
You can also pay in three installments with the service offered by Paypal.

For invoices or different payment methods, please contact our laboratory by email: info@lamethode.it

Do I find updates on production status?

We will constantly update you on the development and production stages of the item you have ordered.

You can choose to register on our platform where we will update you on the status of your order, or you will be informed via email about the status of your order.

Are you a company and want to place an order?

Contact our customer service directly and we will find the right solution for you.

You can decide to place special orders, customized developments or prints.

Your product will be produced and developed exclusively on order and applying La Methode's core principles.

In the case of large orders, availability is subject to the availability of raw materials.

La Methode, a project by Produce Sinapsi.
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