Hip Hop e La Methode

From the Casnati Study Center to Hip Hop, via La Methode.

Progetto di Hip Hop con La Methode

An upcycled-style icon.

In the contemporary scenario, ethics and awareness have become top priorities.
More and more brands and companies are making efforts to adopt environmentally friendly production, taking responsibility for the social impact on the local community and the lives of people derived from it.

In this context, the collaboration between "La Methode," a clothing brand with a strong commitment to natural fibers and recycled fabrics, and the renowned watch brand "Hip Hop" represents a milestone in the creation of eco-friendly products with a focus on the environment and people.
This union has led to the creation of an upcycled accessory that combines the know-how of Centro Studi Casnati and the creativity of Mia Mocchi, a young talent in the world of design.

Let's take a step back.
The fashion industry is often (and rightly) criticized for its significant environmental impact, which not only heavily relies on natural resources but often disregards ethical and decent working conditions in supply chains.
To promote a new concrete approach that reverses this trend, collaboration between businesses and educational institutions becomes central in proposing and disseminating new responsible business models.

Specifically, the Casnati Study Center and the Binda Group have proven to be crucial partners for this purpose, demonstrating how these synergies are possible and achievable.
Thanks to the concept of the young student and designer Mia Laura Mocchi, it was possible to first prototype a fabric made from pre-consumer recycled materials and subsequently a new and iconic watch for the Hip Hop brand. Not bad, right?

Internal journey within La Methode.
A moment of debate among the participants.

Key points of the challenge.

Hip Hop starts with the idea of introducing a capsule collection that, in addition to aligning with the desires of serial dreamers, can simultaneously introduce a strong sustainable element.

The design narrative arises from the interweaving of various themes initially related to the brand's identity, such as color, sustainability and dream, seeking a new synthesis among them to evolve the iconic product, Hip Hop, in a changing and socially responsible context.

The slogan there's no planet B then becomes the challenge that stimulates the imagination of new paths and new productive and life balances.

With this kick-off the collaboration with Centro Studi Casnati begins, which skillfully passes the baton to young creatives, among whom Mia Laura Mocchi stands out, envisioning the upcycled fabric from La Methode as having the style and sustainability potential needed to give the right appeal to this project.

La Methode, thanks to its synergy with the textile company Produce Sinapsi, sees in the recovery of pre- and post-consumer raw materials a way to transform existing products into higher-value products, without degrading them but giving them new dignity and usefulness.

This process requires creativity, technical skills, deep commitment, as well as years of research and experimentation, which both Centro Studi Casnati and Hip Hop embrace from the start, making them the soul and heart of the collaboration.

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The history of the collaboration between the Casnati Study Center, the Binda Group, and Hip Hop.

The positive impact.

The innovative approach of this project is destined to send a signal to the industry, demonstrating how responsible collaborations that do not overlook style and quality, as well as the entire supply chain, are real and achievable.
Accessories, and more, that include reuse represent a step forward in terms of ethics and ecology, and their variations can characterize numerous future shades of partnerships and innovations.

Sharing the vision with the ideals of Centro Studi Casnati and the operational excellence of the Binda Group shows how fashion and watchmaking can embrace sustainability in a creative and contemporary way.
In our view, this synergy promotes not only the concept of upcycling but also a bright and sustainable future for the textile industry, showing younger generations new possibilities for imagining the businesses of tomorrow.

Digital pattern.
Initial fabric tests.
Hip Hop strap concept.

The project, a journey of five months.

We begin in March 2023; the first months are characterized by developments and necessary discussions to define the production strategy and carry out necessary prototype testing.

The operational phase begins with the selection of yarn scraps necessary for the production of the fabric that will be used to make the watch straps. Subsequently, the first prototypes are created, along with some dedicated pattern ideas.

La Methode provides upcycled Supima® cotton as the raw material, a highly prized fabric, twice as durable as standard cotton, with extra-long, soft, and clean fibers. It combines with soft silicone to create unique, environmentally friendly watches.

In April, the stages of yarn processing and finishing for the first pieces continue, and only after that do they proceed to the cutting and transformation of the fabric into watch straps.

Knit fabric production, detail.
Our circular knitting machine in action.

The project is finalized with the presentation of Hip Hop watches with 32mm and 38mm dials that appear as "dressed" in soft colors and original patterns.

Each model stands out for its decorative pattern and strap colors.
The model Yellow balls features a combination of purple background and vibrant yellow in round lines and shapes. The same pattern is offered in different shades in the model Orange balls where warm orange complements a more subdued gray.
An essential striped pattern is presented in various color combinations: red, hortensia, and navy blue for the Pink stripes, and mint green, aquamarine, pale pink, and light blue for a cheerful Blue stripes.

Yellow Balls.
Orange Balls.
Pink stripes.
Blue stripes.

Action, Camera. The press release..

Thanks to Hip Hop's Public Relations network, we have disseminated an important press release to mark this collaboration. Here's an excerpt.

Hip Hop Watches & La Methode..
A new capsule collection of watches created using recycled fabrics.
Passion and creativity come together in the name of sustainability.

Hip Hop's growing attention to sustainability and the search for new inspirations and partners to share this increasingly "green" vision has led to an encounter with La Methode, an ethically sustainable Italian brand that produces clothing made from natural fibers, organic fibers, or reclaimed fabrics.

This is the case with the fabric that characterizes the special Hip Hop collection, obtained from the recycling - pre-consumption - of unused cones of a prized cotton known as Supima, a natural thread of the highest quality, twice as durable as standard cotton, with soft, extra-long fibers and guaranteed and certified origins.

The unique Hip Hop La Methode capsule collection offers four models created using RPL technology, which allows the fabric to be fused with silicone to create durable, brightly colored straps.

Behind the scenes of this project are the work and professionalism of many people, and we believe this is one of the main values of any work.
For this reason, we love to let the protagonists speak, with excerpts and comments on the project.

We will start with Professor Monica Sampietro of Centro Studi Casnati, and then move on to Simone Binda and Bruno Mocchi of Binda Group and La Methode, respectively.

Blue stripes knitted fabric.
Pink stripes knitted fabric.

Now, let's hear the thoughts of the protagonists of this project.

Monica Sampietro, Professor at Centro Studi Casnati::
"The CasnatiHUB project with Hip Hop watches is an extraordinary example of a creative and sustainable collaboration between an internationally renowned watch company and students from the Centro Studi Casnati Art High School.
Hip Hop's request to create a capsule collection of watches inspired the students, leading to the birth of innovative and socially conscious ideas for the future of our planet.

Among the students who participated in the project, Mia Mocchi, from the Fashion course, shone with her creativity and social awareness. Her proposal, based on the theme of stripes orchestrated in a dense array of colors, caught Hip Hop's attention.
Furthermore, Mia had the ingenious idea to collaborate with La Methode, a brand in the fashion world committed to fighting waste. This partnership has helped raise awareness among the public about environmental issues, combining fashion and sustainability in an innovative way.

Mia Laura Mocchi, designer of Centro Studi Casnati:
"Thanks to a collaboration between the Casnati Study Center and the Hip Hop company, I had the opportunity, unintentionally, to bring together two entities from which a beautiful collaboration was born.

The idea for my project came to me while experimenting with the themes proposed by the company. Drawing from what I knew thanks to my parents' project, I realized that the iconic thousand-stripe fabric symbol of La Methode was a good fit for my project, so I attached a piece of it to my presentation.

The Hip Hop company was already experimenting with new straps created using the fabric, and starting from that piece that was placed on the table just to showcase the creative process, a wonderful collection was born."

Simone Binda, CEO of Binda Italia.
"Hip Hop Watches represents for us a territory of continuous experimentation. The collections that express its essence have always stood out for their design features, modularity, and, above all, the sophistication of colors and patterns that make this watch unique and iconic.

The choice of silicone, a non-polluting and recyclable green material, reflects the brand's sensitivity and attention to environmental issues, and the recent collaboration with La Methode further emphasizes this crucial aspect".

Working on the Hip Hop La Methode project was an exciting experience for the entire team. Firstly, for the product designers and developers involved in creating the fabric from the very beginning, starting from the cone threads and arriving at the ideal pattern chosen to create the watch capsule.

Alessandra Grimaldi, Designer Hip Hop Watches
"The challenge for us designers in this project was to emphasize the beauty and innovation of a unique yarn within a few centimeters. We had the opportunity to experiment with different fabrics before arriving at the perfect combination of color, texture, and designs that spoke of Hip Hop and La Methode in harmony."

The marketing and communication office, which had the opportunity to immerse itself in a reality perfectly in tune with the latest trends in the market, with a forward-thinking vision and inspiration fueled by a great passion.
Hip Hop Watches has always represented a territory of experimentation and innovation for the Binda company, the brand's owner, and now more than ever, it lends itself to a green evolution of the product. It does this by starting with the material it's made of, silicone, which, unlike plastic, is not derived from petroleum, is non-toxic, and non-polluting. It does this by offering the possibility to reuse the same case with different straps, avoiding unnecessary purchases or waste and promoting a reusing attitude. It also does this by choosing and collaborating with entities like La Methode, extremely consistent and credible in terms of sustainability.

Sara Piccoli, Brand Manager Hip Hop Watches
"The collaboration experience with La Methode was super stimulating and turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to learn new things about the direction Hip Hop is taking important steps in. Learning the philosophy behind this brand can only help us conceive our product in an increasingly eco-friendly manner."

Bruno Mocchi, founder of La Methode:
La Methode represents a visionary project that places quality at the center of every aspect: from an environmental and social perspective to the production itself.

Our main challenge is to elevate the local artisanal fabric business into the contemporary context, creating ethical and sustainable clothing from natural and recycled raw materials, bringing tangible value to both the local area and the places where we live daily.
This philosophy finds extraordinary creative expression and concrete realization through the collaboration with the Binda Group and the project 'HIP HOP WATCHES & LA METHODE.'

In this context, the pre-consumer recycling of high-quality raw materials becomes a unique opportunity to create distinctive accessories; a wonderful example of how simple it is to imagine new ways of production and marketing, especially in the field of innovative ideas."

Inside the Lab, the un-packaging.
Hip Hop watches during the event.

Project Presentation, October 20, 2023.

Here we are, ready to conclude this journey that has accompanied our realities for about six months, and we hope it is just the beginning of many more collaborations.

As with any respectable celebration, the day of October 20 presents itself under cloudy and autumnal veils, which, given the long summer that has just ended, are not unwelcome.

The official presentation of the project took place at La Methode's Laboratory and took the form of one of our classic Open Days in a condensed version. To arrive at the synthesis of the process, it's important to first immerse ourselves deeply in our microcosm and savor its essence.
Exploring the world of textiles, both in terms of knitted fabrics and finished garments, with its values and contradictions, is the effort we have committed to in order to tangibly show where improvement is possible and how to contribute to change.

So, among pallets, machines, and scraps, in a path specially prepared for the occasion, Bruno was able to illustrate his textile universe, consisting of excellence and limitless research, which, despite all the attention and dedication put into it, presents its negative sides.

Over the years, high-quality raw materials and fabrics have accumulated as remnants, waste, or unsold items, leading us to question our own proud work.

How can we give value to all of this?

This is the question we ask ourselves daily to counter the dynamics of an industry that continues togrow" in highly unsustainable directions.

La presentazione del 20 ottobre 2023.
Gli orologi prima della regolazione dei cinturini.

On these topics, debates and discussions arise among participants, who are stimulated and well aware of the need for a systemic change.
The prevailing question is how long this transition will take.
Another major focus is how companies will earn credibility in the eyes of their customers.

In our view, the ongoing reconnection with one's own territory is a strong and probably indispensable element that, together with high-quality and carefully crafted products, should meet essential needs.

In short, between these existential and rational dilemmas, we move on to the highlight of the afternoon.

The presentation of the watch capsule with its unboxing..

Each guest was given a bag made from knit fabric scraps. Yes, the very scraps that were used to make the watch fabrics!
Inside these bags, a watch from the capsule collection and a La Methode cotton necklace with a water-based print in natural pigments reflecting the fabric's color were placed.

It was a delightful moment of conviviality and discussion accompanied by the botanical notes of Ester and Cristian from ExDogana di Tornavento, known for their contemporary and local along with a delightful locally sourced kombucha.

The summary of this first chapter ends here.

For other projects and ideas, we are delighted to get to know you.

We would like to thank for their collaboration Centro Studi Casnati and Professor Monica Sampietro, the Binda Group with Simone Binda, Savina Colombo, Silvia Piccoli, Alessandra Grimaldi, Silvia Borellini, Marialba Consoli, and Virginia Vaccari.

We also acknowledge the work of Valeria Melocchi of Make you greenerMartina Panagia, Matilde Prestinari, and Micaela Franceschini, as well as the publications on Grazia, Cosmopolitan by Maddalena Tancorre and Fashion Times by Fulvio Aniello for summarizing this project.

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