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Free returns will bury us all

Ecco perché da noi te lo puoi scordare.

Free returns will bury us all

Choose well, choose early.

Those who toss and turn in bed at night in fear of thezombie apocalypse or those who live in holy terror of the wandering meteorite that will end us like the dinosaurs can sleep soundly.

If we go on like this, these will not be the poetic causes of our extinction; eh no, homo sapiens (perhaps not so much sapiens) has created with his own various weapons of destruction, one of which is surely climate pollution (what do you know).
In this case, the free return are helping to gallop this process along.

By now you have gotten to know us (hour philosophy potete fare un ripassino della nostra filosofia) and you know that for us, talking about certain things is not greenwashing, nor is it a corollary to our corporate vision.
We want to find a new balance and Dress The Change is not a nice catchy, it's who we are.

We believe that this is the right way to do business today and that it is no longer acceptable to keep putting our heads under the carpet!

This is also why we believe that free return is not only unsustainable, but also and especially harmful and detrimental to the environment and people.

Let us clarify a few points.
Return per se is not an absolute evil..

It may happen that we go into a store, buy a garment, come home and realize that perhaps that product is not quite right for us and our style, a lightning strike you know, does not necessarily become love.
So we go back to the store and return the merchandise, exchanging it or getting a refund; we can live with that.

In shopkeeper will check the merchandise and, once the quality is ascertained, put it back on sale.
This normally happens and this requires that the shopkeeper is firstly stocked with goods to make the exchange (stock) and secondly has not made the item especially for us.

The Can the returned goods be put back on sale and and at best resold, sold out or ...?
What we have mentioned is a simple case of buying from a physical store that is easily accessible and whose managers we probably know.

So far - almost - all good.

Things have started to degenerate withthe explosion of online shopping (pandemic and other disasters have turbocharged the trend), but even here, with an effort at literary positivism, the "facilitated" return is based on fair principles.
That is, it may be the case that on a percentage basis it is easier to catch a crab buying a garment online than in a physical store: you have no way to try it on, to realize if the size is right or if the color shown is true to the original.
Facilitating online returns is in itself a fair gesture toward the consumer. Except that we got carried away..


Wild free returns have taken what started out as consumer protection to extremes: wardrobing, i.e. no curbs on compulsive buying (I can return it anyway, and for free to boot!), thousands of couriers scurrying globally to return packages and parcels filled with "unwanted" clothes to the sender, resulting in pollution, road traffic et al.

But there is an even more perverse side to all this, concealed or ill-concealed, certainly hidden in the digital hemisphere.

Buying a cheap T-shirt, a fast fashion product to be clear, and making a return means this: the company that produces it has to bear the return shipping costs and in theory should also have esaminare il capo dal personale del controllo qualità quality control personnel examine the garment to make sure it is intact and can be put back on sale.
Unfortunately however, the cost of doing this exceeds and far exceeds the value of the randomly purchased and thoughtlessly returned T-shirt.

The result? It costs the manufacturing company much less to send it directly to the landfill..

Yes, you got it right, the (new) garment is being thrown out, no pun intended.

To recap:environmental pollution, wasted resources and energy, road traffic, and a nice contribution to labor exploitation.

That's why from our point of view La Methode necessarily should aim to minimize returns, and why our return policies are different from what you can find on other sites.

But there are fair objections; let's examine some of them.

"I like your garments, but they are also an investment.
I buy one of your hoodies and I want it to be perfect for me, to be something I can wear every day for years.
How then do I make a serene purchase?"

On our website you will find an accurate size guide, plus if you have any doubts we are always available to give you precise fit directions, to make sure your La Methode garment is sewn to you.
You can find us here hour philosophy and also on whatsapp (live chat on our website, bottom right).

"Why do you keep a fee even if I return the garment to you without defects?"

Because the above charges (shipping and quality control) exist, plus in this way we want to discourage policies such as order-try-return (it's free anyway!) on which we totally disagree.
Certainly you will be able to replace an item of the wrong size with one of the correct size, at no additional cost, you will only be responsible for the shipping costs of the new product sent.
At the same time we also offer the possibility to exchange item for one of a different type applying the same rules as for size exchange.

We withhold the fee only for return ""naked"that is, the return of the item without a size change request (what we withhold covers the cost of return shipping).

"How can I be sure that the La Methode garment I plan to purchase is right for me?" 

Visit us! We are local and we start here, on the territory.
We'll be able to show you the production process, the differences between fibers, and you'll be able to touch our amazing fabrics (watch out, though! we disclaim any responsibility in case you decide to completely redo your wardrobe with our garments) and choose the perfect one for you.

We are also planning events in partnership with other Italian companies so, even if you don't live near us, it may be that we will come to you.So keep an eye on our socials!

In conclusion, if you want to learn more, we have a couple of resources for you:

  • apparently even the world of fast fashion product is slowly waking up to the "rendered wild" theme. HereELLE's article.
  • this short podcast gives you a perfect and concise overview with even some (chilling) data.
  • A nice post from with some market data.

We know the topic return rendered stirs the souls, so we look forward to seeing you in the comments to the post we'll be doing on Instagram!

The way to a different way of living and producing is definitely through our choices.
For s/luck!

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