Our idea

La Methode, dress the change

Vesti il cambiamento.

La Methode - Dress the change

We are La Methode, a real proposal for ethical clothing.

"Yet another sustainable fashion brand?!" you'll say. Well, read on and you'll see.
We were born from Produce Synapses, quality fabrics are our business.
And from here we want to start our revolution.
But how?

We explain it to you in seven points, one for each item in our collection (present and future), some already present and some coming soon.

1. Reduce waste

Do you know how many kilograms of textiles are thrown away every year?
Circa 11 kg for each person, in Europe alone, 90 percent of which end up burned even though they would still be usable.
E non parliamo solo di capi già confezionati ma anche di filati, invenduti per piccoli difetti o smaltiti come rimanenze di vecchie collezioni.

Abbiamo guardato nei nostri magazzini e in quelli di altri fornitori di tessuti di qualità e ci siamo detti: Perché continuiamo a produrre quando potremmo valorizzare ciò che già esiste?
And we are not only talking about ready-made garments but also yarns, unsold due to small defects or disposed of as remnants of old collections. 

2. Top raw materials

Fast fashion has brought very poor quality, high-plastic fabrics to the market because they are cheaper to produce but much more polluting, to the environment and to the wearer.
For this we use only Supima® and raw cotton, nettle, hemp, Manila hemp, organic cottons and recycled cottons.
We select high quality inventories or yarns from traceable and transparent production whose every step we follow.
Better for the planet, better for our skin.

3. Ethical supply chain

Ci affidiamo a laboratori artigianali italiani, che conosciamo personalmente.
Ogni cucitura viene fatta con attenzione per produrre capi belli da vedere e che durino nel tempo. 

4. Production on demand

The overproduction of garments is not only polluting but also detrimental to the dignity of male and female workers in the sector, subjected to grueling shifts with no protections.
That is why La Methode produces only to order.
Garments that you have desired and chosen consciously.
About the timing we have discussed in this article but fear not: the result is worth all the waiting (Which is not that long!).

5. Basic cuts and genderless garments

Our collection develops 7 patterns including hoodie, cargo, crew neck and seraphim.
The cuts are basic, essential, far from gender stereotypes.
We make premium and essential garments, designed to ensure a optimal fit and make the wearer feel comfortable at all times. 

6. Sustainable packaging

Methode reaches everywhere.
What we want is for you to come and pick up your garments directly from us, so you can see the production process, the materials and how a small choice can go to involve an entire supply chain.
Certainly we can ship them to you, wherever you are, and we are sure you will still be able to appreciate their magic.
Labels and packaging are designed to reduce waste and to be reusable, they are also made in-house in our lab, printed with natural water-based inks and packaged by hand, in fact each packaging is unique and to open it will require a dedicated action.

7. Garments made to last

Our garments are made with care and made by adopting the right choices that are functional in making them durable and suitable for accompanying you for a long, long time.

Then, of course, they are also beautiful to look at, wear and give as gifts but that's a different kettle of fish!

We look to a more ethical and responsible future. Will you join us? Ti unisci a noi?

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La Methode, a project by Produce Sinapsi.
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