natural nettle


The nettle fibers we have selected grow spontaneously in the Himalayan highlands, at an altitude between 1800 and 3000 meters.
The plant, officially called Girardinia Diversifolia, is collected and processed locally by families residing in this region.
An organization, managed by Ellie Skeele, coordinates the activities, ensuring that each person receives fair compensation for their work.


Renowned for its softness and shine, nettle fiber gives garments a unique breathability and a very shiny appearance, almost comparable to silk.
Nettle fibers, if not particularly twisted, provide garments with excellent protection from cold and hot temperatures.
Nettle is also called vegan silk because of its characteristics akin to silky, soft and shiny natural yarns.

Its secret

Its cultivation does not require the use of chemical inputs. The plant fiber is obtained from wild nettle, specifically from Urtica Dioica, belonging to the family of Urticaceae.
To obtain the yarn, the stem is used, which is long, shiny, and uniform.
The cavity present in its fibrous structure is an excellent natural insulator and guarantees quality performance both in summer and winter.

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Why use natural nettle


Nettle fiber is thin and flexible, which allows for very soft and shiny fabrics, similar to silk.
A vegan silk.


Nettle fabrics are skin-neutral; the plant does not require chemical treatments to grow and be transformed into yarn.


Thanks to the unique hollow fibers that expand with heat and contract with cold, it provides high thermal performance.

Nettle fabric

Exploring Liberian fibers led us to nettle.

As an infesting and irritating plant that grows anywhere, nettle has been transformed into fiber by humans for thousands of years;nettle yarn is sturdy, particularly shiny , and pleasantly soft to the touch. soft.

The nettle fibers used for La Methode's garments were found in the warehouses of Italian suppliers: they all come from the mountainous slopes of the Himalayas, where they are grownprocessed, and marketed by indigenous peoples.

The fabric is spun according to our specific requests in Biella, Italy, with a decidedly positive result both for the fresh and refined feeling which transmits to the touch and for its thermal performance.

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