Supima® recycled cotton


Produce Sinapsi Warehouse.
For this part of the collection, we decided to invest resources not in production but in selection and recovery.
Valuable raw materials, fabrics, prototypes, and returns due to color non-conformities are not sustainable costs for a company or, above all, for the environment, and they deserve a new life.


One characteristic unites all cotton fabrics from Produce Sinapsi: quality.
The quality of the fibers.
We will never compromise on a cheaper or less refined fabric.
Each fabric has been made with the maximum craftsmanship and the utmost care in choosing the raw materials that compose it.

Its secret

Recycling pre-consumer raw materials.
We believe that our ability to recover and enhance precious yarns is the special ingredient of our brand.
It is the first step in creating unique and exclusive garments of excellent quality obtained without over-consuming.
Always made to order.
Always made for you.

our products

Why use recycled Supima® cotton


Thanks to pre-consumer Supima® cotton cone waste recycling, we obtain a recognizable and high-quality fabric.


Discarding even a gram of this precious cotton seems entirely unethical to us, as well as a considerable waste.


Each individual fiber is traceable from the field to the finished garment, thanks to a healthy and conscious supply chain.

Recycled Supima® cotton fabric

Recycling is one of the pillars of La Methode, along with the processing of natural fibers.

For years, it has been almost taken for granted in the textile industry to accumulate raw materials, semi-finished products, and fabrics in a serial manner.
It has always been clear that we could never discard cone yarns, prototypes, and other excellent materials that represent our daily routine.

Therefore, we have been thinking for years to select and recover our Supima® Cotton, both in yarn and fabric, that is considered waste and destined for a new and always different finished product, produced as always only on order.

Why keep accumulating excellent fabrics in our warehouses when we could give life to unique garments ready to travel the world?

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La Methode, a project by Produce Sinapsi.
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