Pop up store

Via Bagni 2 in San Martino, Sondrio. All the month of may 2023.

The Mello Valley

Between meadows and woods an irrational ocean of rock
Guarded among the Alps is one of the most evocative and symbolic places for international climbing, both on large walls and for bouldering, the Val di Mello.

Between these blocks and these inviting areas and throughout the month of May 2023, Mello Block included, we will open a temporary shop in Via Bagni, 2 in San Martino (where the former butcher's shop was next to the Kundaluna, so to speak) .

We will meet and discuss what it means to propose a new way of producing clothing!

Not only. Have you ever imagined climbing in style?

During the beautiful spring days of spring weekends two La Methode angels will stroll aimlessly between the main bouldering areas and watch your exploits.

May events

Between sport and ethic
A brief review of what you can find during the month of May at La Methode:

We start from 4th to 7th May with our presence at Mello Block and with our stand/shop located in San Martino in Via Bagni 2 (former butcher's shop) which will remain open all day during the bouldering meeting times, as well as our extended contest "Climbing with Style" active during competition times and where our angels will be looking for the most stylish climbers!

In addition, there will be numerous special events from the full-throttle mince contest to the tender on our legendary beam, also mark these dates:
- May 4 at. 17: opening party at Rifugio Luna Nascente;
- May 6 at. 23: La Methode party at Kundaluna with Dj set;
- May 7 at. 17: Live "Golden Hind" in front of the La Methode store in San Martino

The following weekends the shop in San Martino (former butcher) will be open all day.

Every weekend there will be a small event; ethics, style and sport will be the common thread.

Join in La Methode events

Do you want to be part of our revolution!
To make a significant change it is necessary to be many and act in synergy!

Conscious choices and large-scale adoption will help generate a finally positive impact!
This is why we invite you to join our community and participate in our activities!
Together is better.

Let's create value, let's create it for everyone and spread a message that protests and is concrete at the same time!

Dressing for change has never been so iconic and above all ethical.
Also participating:
La Methode, a project by Produce Sinapsi.
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