Associazione Scorace boulder

Upgrade your style

Join the 'Climbing with Style' contest
of La Methode during Scorace Block Fest
Il bosco Scorace, area bouder in Sicilia
La Methode a Bosco Scorace

The bush

A natural amphitheatre a few kilometres from Trapani and Palermo
Bosco Scorace is a wooded area at about 600 metres above sea level that, with its vegetation of eucalypts, oaks, holm oaks and corkprotects a small paradise of boulders of all shapes and sizes perfect for bouldering in Sicily.

In 2016, Giorgia and Davide, together with other friends, began clearing the forest of vegetation, creating the first Boulder Area in western Sicily, one of the most beautiful in southern Italy.

Three main sectors with more than 270 lines, difficulty 4a to 8bjust waiting to be discovered.

Il village

Stories of sport and friendship

Besides the forest, one of the hearts of the festival will be the Bruca Village, a small jewel nestled in the green hills of Buseto Palizzolo in the province of Trapani and also called 'The Gateway to the Forest'.

There, right there you will find our stand where we will tell some clothing historyfrom yarn to finished garment!

On that occasion we will reveal a little anecdote related to the event and its special hoodies!

Il borgo di Bruca dove ci sarà il Bruca Village in occasione di Scorace Boulder Fest

La Methode x Scorace

A dream come true
A virtuous project that combines outdoor life, sustainable tourism and the discovery of less travelled paths could not but involve us too.

Methode is the main sponsor of Scorace Block Fest.
A unique way to make ourselves known and testing the resistance of our garments with our favourite people: you! 

In addition, we have come up with a special contest within the Scorace Block Fest. 

The contest

who better to ascend in lightness, elegance and ease?
Gentle as love, overwhelming as fire, light as air. climbing touches the deepest and most intimate parts of the human soul

Among the rolled boulders, among the ploughed fields of Sicily, here climbing triumphs....

From the legendary Melloblocco valley, one of the last survivors of the ancient Sassisti group, Jacopo, is ready with his followers to launch the challenge:

It is said that 'good people do 9B, bad people do what they like'. Yes, but with style! 

During the official Scorace Boulder contest, we invite you to test not only your grip and muscles but also your style, elegance in climbing, and fluency of movement. 

Watching you will be Jacopo, one of the last survivors of the ancient Sassisti group, and his angels! If you can convince them, you will be able to participate in a secret challenge on Sunday 23 April under the sun, but well protected by fantastic eucalyptus plants.

Jacopo and the angels of Scorace are ready to observe your exploits.
And we reward the most stylish climber and climber.

Take up the challenge, enter the La Methode contest!
Jacopo Merizzi arrampica a Bosco Scorace
Also participating:
La Methode, a project by Produce Sinapsi.
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