La Methode of Produce Sinapsi


A new balance

La Methode is an ethically sustainable proposal for finished garments that values the best of Italian craftsmanship and industrial economies.

Craftsmanship, transparency, ethics, and local production are the essential elements of this ambitious project.
We offer premium functional,essential creative and ecological garments, always made with natural fibers, organic fibers, and reclaimed fabrics.

The production; will be exclusively on demand and byordered.

This allows us to avoid overproduction, a phenomenon that has been causing devastating impacts for decades, and to directly control every product.

The value is entirely given in quality and in its supply chain, which is Italian and very local.

An italian story

The supply chain

Traced and transparent

The production chain of our garments involves different actors, and each product has its specific connection.

Each phase requires a very defined and specialized competence, often more than one: all the dedicated professions contribute to the realization of the project.

Behind the scenes of your La Methode garment, there are:


Traced and transparent

United States, Europe, Taiwan, and China.
Many of the yarns we use come from far away.
We do not boast about it, on the contrary: today finding fibers grown and processed in Italy is a challenging task.



On starting line

This is where the supply chain becomes entirely Italian.
The certificate we apply to each garment encompasses our credibility, our common sense, and the desire to offer products that tell an opportunity.


Recycling yarn

The sense of recycling

Thanks to an artisanal processing carried out in Produce Sinapsi, we recycle pre-consumption waste raw materials, obtaining new yarns that are perfectly usable, of high quality, and with an iconic look.
At the same time, post-consumption fabrics are recovered, made negligible by defects.



Varese district

The production of fabrics obtained with recycled yarns in natural, raw fibers is curated by Produce Sinapsi, which puts its knowledge and warehouse at disposal with great passion. Each fabric is unique and tailored for La Methode.
Each fabric is unique and tailor-made for La Methode.



Thinking hands

Some of the fabrics we make require special care.
The most resistant yarns, such as those made from Liberian fibers, are properly prepared before and after weaving to minimize waste, and then we proceed with artisanal mending.



Low impact, please

One of the topics we are investing in is minimizing energy and water consumption, as well as related emissions.
This research focuses on light refinement processes and, at the same time, on the creation of performing and low-energy fabrics.
Finishing occurs at various stages of the process and can take place on raw materials, semi-finished fabrics, or finished garments, leaving ample room for experimentation.


Garment maker

zero kilometer

From prototype design to pattern development to assembly, everything happens in Italy thanks to a nearly zero-kilometer supply chain in the Varese district.


Packaging & logistics

Simple and inexpensive

We carefully prepare the packaging of the garments, made with a simple sheet of recycled paper.
No envelope, no additional extra cost.



Natural and recycled

To create and make La Methode garments even more recognizable, some details are indispensable, from buttons to bias tapes, and finally to a numbered hologram that makes each of our garments unique and unrepeatable.



The real heart

We all make the difference, including you. Impulse for change, shared choice, and values to fight for. It will be us, people, who make the difference.

The mini collection


Valuable, minimalist and durable

The message is meant to be crystal clear.

To propose a simple methode for living better without significan sacrificies.To live in harmony with the world, drawing on the right resources and making conscious choices.
La Methode also draws inspiration from "Walden. Life in the woods" of H.D. Thoreau.
His reflections, before us, have also inspired Mahatma Gandhi and many other people who have found valid and healthy principles in Walden, applicable immediately to their lives.

A small but great team

The team

Cross-functional skills

Shaping Actions

The Code of Ethics

Our core principles

The purpose of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (hereinafter "the C.o.C.") is to commit the company Produce Sinapsi S.r.l. (hereinafter "the Organisation"), its managers and all its employees and collaborators to act with honesty and integrity, in accordance with this C.o.C..

The C.o.C. applies to all employees and collaborators who perform functions for or on behalf of the Organisation, whether or not they are directly employed by the Organisation.

It is illegal to offer, promise, pay, request or receive a bribe or other improper advantage, directly or indirectly. A bribe can include the giving of money or anything of value to influence the actions of another person. It also covers payments or gifts as a reward for the improper actions of another person.

It is prohibited to pay or receive any sum of money and/or anything of value from a Government Official and/or anyone in the private sector where this is to obtain or retain business or other commercial advantage for the Organisation.

Facilitation payments are a type of bribe. It is illegal to pay or receive any sum of money and/or anything of value to/from a Government Official where this is to obtain or retain business or other commercial advantage for the Organisation.

The organisation's business records must be accurate and reliable. All business records, including expense reports, financial statements, operating and production reports, reports to auditors and reports to government agencies, must be prepared diligently and honestly.

No false or misleading entries should be made in the organisation's records for any reason. Compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and established internal controls is required at all times.

All payments must be supported by an invoice and a contract or order containing sufficient detail to reflect the services performed and must be recorded accurately, in a timely manner and in reasonable detail. False, misleading, incomplete, inaccurate or artificial entries in the Company's books, records and accounts are strictly prohibited.

The Organisation is committed to the highest standards of transparency, probity and accountability. An important aspect of accountability and transparency is a mechanism for staff and other members of the Organisation to express their concerns/whistleblowing/complaints/suggestions in a responsible and effective manner.

Based on this, this "Whistleblowing Policy" establishes the procedures for reporting an unlawful act or omission that constitutes, or may constitute a violation of laws and regulations, of the values and principles established in the Company's C.o.C., and/or that could cause any type of damage (e.g. economic, environmental, to the safety of workers or third parties, or merely reputational) to the Organisation, its customers, partners, third parties.

This Policy constitutes the reference document for the Company, without prejudice to any specific local laws on the subject that conflict with it.

The addressees of this Policy are the members of the corporate bodies, employees and collaborators.

Addressees who discover or in any case become aware of possible unlawful conduct or irregularities must immediately report the acts, events and circumstances that they believe, in good faith and on the basis of reasonable grounds, to have led to such violations.

This policy encourages individuals to put their name to any disclosure they make, but reports may be made anonymously. In any case, reports must be detailed and documented, so as to provide useful and adequate information to effectively verify the validity of the reported events.

Reports must be reported to Brigitte Cantoni, who is responsible for receiving and analysing the reports.

The organisation guarantees the confidentiality of the report and the information contained therein, as well as the anonymity of the reporter or sender, even if the report subsequently proves to be erroneous or unfounded. Any kind of threat, retaliation, sanction or discrimination against the whistleblower is not tolerated.

The Organisation guarantees that the personal data of whistleblowers and of any other persons involved in the handling of reports (including any sensitive data) will be processed in full compliance with the provisions of current legislation on the protection of personal data. Only the data strictly necessary to verify the validity of the report and its management will be processed.

The Organisation is committed to handling personal data in such a way as to fulfil its obligations regarding the guarantee and protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons, in particular the right to privacy, family life and private life, with respect to the processing of personal data.
The Organisation has adopted appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure, unauthorised access or any other form of accidental or unlawful processing.

Any conduct that does not comply with the provisions of this C.o.C. entails, independently of and irrespective of any legal action against the offender, the application of disciplinary sanctions pursuant to current legislation and/or the employment contract.

A super partes control


The standards chosen to guarantee our product

Guaranteed traceability of Californian extra-long staple cotton fibres. It represents the best of raw material cultivation in terms of innovation, sustainability and resources management.
In addition to the product, it guarantees ethical and social quality for the entire supply chain.
In addition to the product, it guarantees ethical and social quality for the entire supply chain.
Guarantees Made in Italy by dealing with eco-toxicology in the Textile and Fashion sector.
It has been combining the expertise of the public sector with that of the textile production chain.
EcoFashion is the search engine for those who want to shop with environmental and social aspects in mind.
Project promoted by the Vesti la Natura team.
La Methode, a project by Produce Sinapsi.
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