4th may 2024

Open day #02

Open Lab, La Methode 
Recycling, quality and ethics can contribute to a fashion that makes a difference.
Immerse yourself in yarns, fabrics and projects with people and the environment at heart.
Sede La Methode
Via Milano 14, 21020, Cardano al Campo, Varese
Discover the program.
16th june 2024

Riverberi - Milan

Eco of change
The sustainability and awareness festival by TerraLab Onlus.
An event with a strong territorial character to make local realities and producers known.
Via Riccardo Pitteri 58, 20134, Milan
Cinema Theatre Martinitt 

Eventi passati

22-24th march 2024

Fa' la cosa giusta - Milan

Make visible the essential
The fair on critical consumption and conscious living now in its 20th edition.
A benchmark for sustainability.
Milan City Fair, Viale Scarampo, 21049 - Milan
Underground PORTELLO
24th march 2024

C'è Moda e Modo - Villa Cortese

The experiences of five protagonists of ethical and sustainable fashion
The Aequos Cooperative Training and Culture table presents a discussion on the topic of Fashion, which is increasingly present and felt in local and territorial dynamics.
Via Padre Massimiliano Kolbe 35, 20035, Villa Cortese - Milano
Pro Loco of Villa Cortese
La Methode, a project by Produce Sinapsi.
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