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Until the 1930s, almost every italian family had hemp products in their homes.
This was due to the abundant availability of native fiber and the widespread activities related to it.
Today, the situation is very different: almost 100% of production is relocated to the East, and it is almost inevitable, even for La Methode, to purchase Chinese-origin fibers from certified companies while maintaining the great desire to restore the Italian hemp supply chain.


Hemp fabrics have enviable characteristics. Their fibers are hollow, meaning they can enclose air inside them. For this reason, hemp is cool in the summer and able to retain heat in the winter.
Hemp is hypoallergenic, protects against UV rays, and is naturally antibacterial.
The strength of the yarn is 2 to 4 times greater than that of cotton. They are spun raw or bleached with substantial differences in the fineness of the yarn itself.

Its secret

The hemp plant is resistant to parasitic adversities, which leads to a lower chemical input, and its cultivation contributes to soil regeneration.
The fibers are suitable for multiple uses ranging from textiles to bio-construction, including cosmetics, energy, nutrition, pharmacy, and others.
For this reason, we are convinced that the restoration of an economic industry derived from hemp can bring benefits both in the textile sector and for many other productive mills of our country.

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Why use natural hemp


The hemp plant is naturally respectful of the soil on which it is grown; furthermore, it requires little water and no fertilizers.


Thanks to the presence of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, raw hemp generates a layer of antibacterial agents that protect the skin.


In terms of tensile strength, hemp is eight times stronger than cotton, making the fabric highly long-lasting during time.

Natural hemp fabrics

The hemp fabrics are naturally resistent, vibrant, and become even softer after each wash.
Although finding local hemp is very difficult, we have tried to weave its yarns using ancient knowledge, which is now rare and therefore even more precious.

Thanks to a special weave, we have managed to spin this wonder. A fabric antibacterial, that protects against UV rays, hypoallergenic and hygroscopic.
Hemp can make a difference.

The Hemp One fabric will be produced only on demand.

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