raw cotton


The raw cotton we buy is grown in Turkey on certified farms.
This type of yarn is referred to as contamination-free: the harvesting process is carried out through suitable machinery that does not pollute the fibers.
Cotton harvesting is done mechanically: only, in the case of the finest cottons, is it manual.


Cotton is a natural fiber of plant origin, derived from the Malvaceae family, specifically Gossypium.
Crops of these shrubs occur annually in temperate climates while they grow perennially in tropical climates.
Cotton fibers can be of various lengths: for our cottons we choose them from medium lime.

Its secret

Our fabrics are composed only of yarns in combed cotton and contaminatio-free.
Combing results in a stronger, smoother and softer yarn, which is suitable for fabrics in close contact with the body.
By choosing uncontaminated cottons, we guarantee the total absence of other fibres within the garment.

our products

Why use raw cotton


Thanks to a special combination of 100% contamination-free cotton yarns, we have obtained an indestructible fabric.


The inside layer, made of soft and fluffy cotton, is brushed, giving the garment a warm and comfortable hand feel.

Low impact

The choice of making the garment in raw cotton allows for a drastic reduction in consumption and gives the garments an unmistakable style.

Raw cotton fabric

A solid foundation.
Ours is not the classic hoodie, now we'll tell you why.
By looking at the fabric of a hoodie in your closet against the light, here's what you'll probably find:

  • transparency (the fibers are not tight enough to ensure durability and coverage);
  • presence of elastomers, plastic fibers that are destined to break with use and washing and that make the fabric difficult to recycle.

The fabric of our hoodie is made using a particular weaving technique that uses three different yarns: two specular, to obtain a closed and balanced jersey base fabric, and a third, soft and puffy, trapped between the other two. The result is a heavy yet full and soft, extraordinary fabric.
The inside of the garment is brushed and feels pleasant on the skin.

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