Supima® cotton


Since 1902 until today, Supima® cotton has been grown by American companies in the western and southwestern regions of the United States.
Due to its peculiar fiber, it is now considered one of the finest cottons available on the planet.
The Supima® growers association is constantly involved in research programs to guarantee the quality and complete traceability of the fibers.
The strong bond with the spinner allows us to verify the total transparency of the processes.


Not all cottons are equal. Supima® cotton represents only1% of the cotton fibers cultivated worldwide, making it one of the superior quality yarns.
What makes this cotton unique is the length of the fiber, which is among the extra-long staple fibers, soft and clean.
This peculiar characteristic gives the yarn and subsequently the fabric in which it is used strength, softness, and excellent ability to abord dyes, especially naturals.

Its secret

Supima® cotton is twice as strong as standard cotton, making it extremely resilient and long-lasting.
The fiber indeed withstands stress well, ensuring unparalleled durability.
Supima® cotton is less prone to pilling due to the quality of the fibers, which can be up to 1.5 inches long.
The length and fineness of the fiber allow for excellent absorption of finishing and processing cycles.

our products

why use Supima® cotton


Supima® cotton, or Superior Pima, is characterized by extra-long and fine fibers that allow us to obtain our super-resistant yarn.


The best American cotton combined with advanced cultivation and harvesting technologies make it fine, soft, and durable.


Thanks to the Supima® Association, the origin of each cotton fiber and each certified fabric is guaranteed by the growers.

Supima® cotton fabric

The Time jersey knit fabric is the result of research aimed at achieving the perfect balance between strength, quality and environmental impact.

Thanks to the use of our best twisted yarn in 100% Supima® cotton raw without the use of gas or paraffin, we have developed a high-performance fabric while limiting the consumption of chemical auxiliaries.

Light and opaque, cool and soft.
A second skin at 113 grams per square meter.
Designed for the production of short and long sleeve crew necks, it has become the basis for various experiments over time.

The Time fabric will be produced only upon request.

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