Supima® Cotton slim crewneck

California cotton shaped T-shirt

Supima® Cotton slim crewneck

California cotton shaped T-shirt

Slim-fit crewneck made of raw Supima® cotton jersey fabric.

Thanks to the use of our best twisted yarn, this crewneck is durable, while remaining shiny and elegant.

A light finishing allows it to maintain its natural appearance.



Slim crewneck tee made of 100% twisted Supima® Cotton jersey.

  • the seams sewing in sewing thread in cotton;
  • the collar is made from the same jersey as the knitted tee to eliminate all other fibers and make the garment completely recyclable;
  • inserts, as the garment's identification tape, are made of recycled fabric, obtained from Supima® cotton recovered by Produce Sinapsi;
  • cotton care label.

Each piece is numbered and marked with a La Methode hologram.

Monitoring is related to the stages between spinning and manufacture namely:

  • knit fabric production;
  • finishing cycle;
  • quality check;
  • finished garment cuttina and packaging;
  • logistics and road handling.

and it refers to a single item.

For the cotton slim crewneck jersey, the following were used:

  • 6,33 Liters of water compared to an average of 35 liters for a traditional dye;
  • 0,37 Kwh of electric energy;
  • 1,31 Kg of Co2;
  • 0,08 Kg of applied Chemistry.

Cultivation is excluded from monitoring, for which we do not have certain and directly detectable data.

During the manufacturing of the finished garment, 8% of the unbleached Supima® cotton fabric is cut and recovered.

With recovered fabrics we make accessories, details and when possible new raw materials.

Production chain from cultivation to finished garment:

  • Cultivation of Supima® cotton fiber Cotton on a certified farm in California, United States;
  • Spinning, Albini Group (Desenzano al Serio, BG);
  • Twisting, Albini Group (Desenzano al Serio, BG);
  • Yarn sales, Albini Group (Desenzano al Serio, BG);
  • Knitted fabric production, Produce Sinapsi (Cardano al Campo, VA);
  • Finishing, Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 (Masserano, BI);
  • Garment, D&D Confezioni (Cardano al Campo, VA);
  • Packaging and shipping, Produce Sinapsi (Cardano al Campo, VA).
  • wash at 30°C
  • do not bleach
  • do not tumble dry
  • do not wring
  • iron at 110° C


It is recommended to lay the garments flat and not expose them to sunlight, especially for natural dyes.

Each La Methode garment is guaranteed for ten years.

For any defects related to the manufacturing, please contact us and we will repair it and ship it back to you.

The return policy does not cover damages caused by improper maintenance and care.

The slim fit crewneck sweater, the giroslim, is sold already washed to obtain its final appearance, fit, and hand.
The garment is packaged using a a single raw 100% Supima® Cotton jersey fabric and is embellished with details made from pre-consumer recycled cotton.

The slim crewneck is the evolution of La Methode's first garment, the crewneck, and it is designed to combine essentiality and quality, intended as care taken in the selection of raw materials and in the management and localization of transformation processes.

Thanks to this iconic sweater, we were able to take the first step towards studying the life cycle of our garments, allowing us to highlight the areas with high environmental, ethical, and social impact that require intervention.

The choice to produce only on demand, locally and involving healthy and controllable companies in the supply chain has allowed us to trace the product and collect certain and transparent data on its environmental, ethical, and social impact.
L’analisi ci permette inoltre di sperimentare cicli di finissaggio evoluti che consentono di risparmiare circa il 90% di acqua rispetto ai cicli standard e di compared to standard cycles and almost completely avoid the use of chemical additives..

Did you know that Supima® cotton

Supima cotton is grown and harvested in California in the U.S. tates.
Making use of unique and localized technologies ensures non-intensive, traceable and controlled production. Think of tractors moving along GPS tracks so as not to go and compromise cropland.
Long, strong fibers are harvested through mechanical systems that make them ideal for use in crude oil.
Due to the high quality of the raw material, it performs very well even without extreme transformations in spinning and finishing. In addition, one of its characteristics is its remarkable resistance to pilling.

Did you know that Supima® cotton

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