The natural hemp Korean shirt

The Korean shirt in liberian fibre

The natural hemp Korean shirt

The Korean shirt in liberian fibre

Shirt with mandarin collar made of high-performance pure natural hemp. The hemp fabric is very durable and lively and will become softer and more pleasant with each wash.

Warm in winter and very cool in summer, thanks to its hollow fibres that easily absorb and disperse moisture by self-regulating body heat.

Antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and protective against UV rays.




$ 174

Korean collar shirt with buttons made of natural hemp:

  • soft korean collar without flaps;
  • hemp buttons;
  • the seams sewing in sewing thread in cotton;
  • logo and side vents in recycled Supima® cotton pre-consumption and made available by the company Produce Sinapsi;
  • geometric yoke with double needle seams;
  • side slit deep and clean with iconic La Methode jersey;
  • Double needle seams in the armholes to maintain the fit;
  • cotton care label.

Each piece is numbered and marked with a La Methode hologram.

Monitoring is related to the stages between spinning and manufacture namely:

  • knit fabric production;
  • finishing cycle;
  • quality check;
  • finished garment cuttina and packaging;
  • logistics and road handling.

and it refers to a single item.

For the hemp korean shirt, the following were used:

  • 31,3 Liters of water compared to an average of 321 liters for a traditional dye;
  • 1,39 Kwh of electric energy;
  • 5,29 Kg of Co2;
  • 0,39 Kg of applied Chemistry.

Cultivation is excluded from monitoring, for which we do not have certain and directly detectable data.

During the manufacturing of the finished garment, 20% hemp fabric is cut and recovered

With recovered fabrics we make accessories, details and when possible new raw materials.

Production chain from cultivation to finished garment:

  • wash at 30°C
  • do not bleach
  • do not tumble dry
  • do not wring
  • iron at 110° C


It is recommended to lay the garments flat and not expose them to sunlight, especially for natural dyes.

Each La Methode garment is guaranteed for ten years.

For any defects related to the manufacturing, please contact us and we will repair it and ship it back to you.

The return policy does not cover damages caused by improper maintenance and care.

The regular-fit Korean shirt is sold already washed, to achieve the final look, fit and feel.

The garment is packaged using a unique 100% natural hemp jersey fabric and is embellished with details made from pre-consumer recycled cotton.

The Korean shirt, produced by the La Methode project, is designed to combine essentiality and quality, intended as care taken in the selection of raw materials and in the management and localization of transformation processes.

The choice to produce only on demand, locally, and involving healthy and controllable companies in the supply chain has allowed us to trace the product and collect certain and transparent data on its environmental, ethical, and social impact.
The analysis also allows us to experiment with advanced finishing cycles that save about 90% of water compared to standard cycles and almost completely avoid the use of chemical additives.

Did you know hemp

The hemp fibers come from Heilongjiang, one of the largest hemp growing and harvesting regions in the world.
Textile hemp requires little water and no fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide to grow healthy and strong.
Growing and harvesting hemp has a positive effect on soils, ensuring nourishment.
Due to the high quality of the raw material, hemp performs very well even without extreme processing in spinning and finishing. Also peculiar is its remarkable resistance to pilling.

Did you know hemp

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La Methode, a project by Produce Sinapsi.
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