The hoodie by U.b.London

Oversized deconstructed sweatshirt

The hoodie by U.b.London

Oversized deconstructed sweatshirt

La Methode collaborations.
New ideas and research are born between traveling events and commingling.

In this case, Brigitta's deconstructed artistry blends with the essential style of our product for a unique, timeless, and measureless garment.



Hoodie made in contamination-free cotton and Supima® cotton jacquard knitted fabrics.:

  • details and stitches handcrafted by U.B.London;
  • knitted fabrics La Methode:
  • cotton care label.

Each piece is numbered and marked with a La Methode hologram.

Monitoring is related to the stages between spinning and manufacture namely:

  • knit fabric production;
  • finishing cycle;
  • quality check;
  • finished garment cuttina and packaging;
  • logistics and road handling.

and it refers to a single item.

Recovering this tissue means not consuming again and save (to us and the environment):

  • 321 Liters of water;
  • 2,45 Kwh of electric energy;
  • 7,15 Kg of Co2;
  • 0,66 Kg of applied Chemistry.

Cultivation is excluded from monitoring, for which we do not have certain and directly detectable data.

Production chain from cultivation to finished garment:

  • Cotton fiber cultivation, Turkey;
  • Spinning, Mantafil (Mornico al Serio, BG);
  • Twisting, Mantafil (Mornico al Serio, BG);
  • Yarn sales, Mantafil (Mornico al Serio, BG);
  • Knitted fabric production, Produce Sinapsi (Cardano al Campo, VA);
  • Finishing, Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 (Masserano, BI);
  • Garment maker, U.B.London (Florence, FI)
  • Packaging and shipping, Produce Sinapsi (Cardano al Campo, VA).
  • wash at 30°C
  • do not bleach
  • do not tumble dry
  • do not wring
  • iron at 110° C


It is recommended to lay the garments flat and not expose them to sunlight, especially for natural dyes.

Each La Methode garment is guaranteed for ten years.

For any defects related to the manufacturing, please contact us and we will repair it and ship it back to you.

The return policy does not cover damages caused by improper maintenance and care.

The oversize fitting hoodie is produced in collaboration with Brigitta Rosselli's Florentine project Under the Bridge.
Iconic and recognizable look in a blend of Francis Bacon and oriental essentiality, a limited edition product in 100% contamination free cotton with inserts in Supima® cotton jacquard.

This garment uses production waste and prototypes and is designed to combine essentiality and recognizability.

The garments in the Under the Bridge collection will only be manufacturable to order and it will be possible to customize them with selected inserts . We choose to produce locally and involving healthy and controllable companies in the supply chain has allowed us to trace the product and collect certain and transparent data on its environmental, ethical, and social impact.

Did you know who U.b.London

These jacquard knit fabrics were recovered from the Produce Sinapsi warehouse and tie in perfectly with the essentiality of La Methode's essential garments. Impossible to miss. Too beautiful and too imperfect.
Choosing to make a unique product means finding balance and between value and style. The skillful combination of fabrics and styles results in a unique lexicon to be explored and told.
We value what good we find in textile warehouses.
Excellent fabrics, often so beautiful they have no market.
We salvage them and turn them into your garment.
Recovering a fabric to turn it into a garment without anyone wanting it is just turning a waste into another waste. If you want it and you think it fits your ethics, we will make it with Brigitta's help. If not, we will find another way to recover it.

Did you know who U.b.London

Complete your look
They will love your style, but especially your ethics.
La Methode, a project by Produce Sinapsi.
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