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From Scorace to Mello - Part II

La Methode to Mello Blocco.

Fashion at the butchery. Between sass and realness.

Emitting some CO2, from Sicily we will then project ourselves to the province of Sondrio; to a historic place where the Mocchi family's passion for climbing and more was born.

The Mello Valley!

We have been exploring this mythical Valley for ten years, often In the company of the legendary Jacopo Merizzi, a great teacher and illusionist, free thinker and superb creative who with light steps takes us into the world he has been exploring and protecting for years. 

Love of adventure, respect for self and this beautiful and delicate nature are the values that unite us, the simple rules dictated by Jacopo and the Sassisti group are invisible and yet carved in the hard granite of Val Di Mello.

Playing with one's fears, exploring one's limits, accepting the defeats that hard rock does not spare, make the days spent in the Valley adrenaline-pumping and powerfully alive.

Whether boulders, single pitches or long routes, chatting, drinking and diving into frozen streams, you always return home enriched by so much good living.

This mythical valley during the days of the Mello Block and throughout the month of May will be an opportunity to savor again the glories of the mythical Mello Block and the Sassista philosophy.

La Methode is dress the change

It sees us present in the center of the country with our ethical, simple, robust and iconic products; we are involved in wanting to communicate with La Methode the few simple rules that we all must espouse to live better, to fully savor life and truly consume it as it deserves to be consumed.

A month with nature in our hearts, common sense in our eyes and endless curiosity.
We want to communicate the necessary and simple change that this magical place suggests. 

Combining passion and projects, meeting old and new friends, sharing ideas and ideals, touching and discovering how small and simple a choice it is to make in order to gain an invaluable good in return.

As we have mentioned it will return, after a few years of silence, the Mello Blocco; a fairy-tale event in an edition dedicated to nature and common sense. An opportunity to jump at the chance for those of us who have these themes in our blood and who have scoured the Valley far and wide.

We and Jacopo will be waiting for you at our booth at the Mello Block and...
To ex-butchery close to the pub Kundaluna every weekend in May from Thursday to Sunday evenings in San Martino (SO), another insight from Bruno.

Fashion at the Butchery. Between Provocation and Reality.

Here's what Jacopo Merizzi thinks about it:

"If you are completely unfamiliar with sustainable fashion, you will find those who will turn it into a disease for you; if you are experienced and willing to improve, you will find those who will make you achieve unhoped-for possibilities".

We are on the edge of an unforgiving slab, move carefully, precariously balanced, and step forward.

The step toward quality, essentiality of styles and respect for others!

Don't miss La Methode events:

  • May 4th; opening party at the Rising Moon shelter;
  • May 5th; extended contest "climbing in style";
  • May 6th; party at Kundaluna;
  • May 7th; closing party at Kundaluna with the "Golden Hind" in front of the store (formerly St. Martin's Mill).

Stop by the store for challenges and great prizes: ethical and sustainable!
The coffee grinder, tenure challenge and style contest are waiting for you, tomorrow through the end of the month!

Yes, because our Mello Block lasts all month long, thanks to the active temporary shop at St. Martin's.

"Fashion at the Butchery is waiting for you".

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La Methode, a project by Produce Sinapsi.
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