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Yes, and you will love it.

Il preordine fa del bene al tuo corpo e al pianeta

Pre-ordering, an ethical step.

On our website it says "Dress the Change," but what exactly does that mean?
Hey, we don't claim to have all the answers, but two questions we have asked ourselvesAnd we have a couple of ideas about it.

As you can read here, La Methode is already committed to dramatically reducing its impact in terms of:

  • water consumption
  • carbon dioxide emissions
  • chemical consumption in general

But the last step involves you, too.

Recent research and documentaries (we mention for the record the one about Shein aired on Channel 4) have revealed the open secret of fast fashion fast fashion product: not only exploited workers in toxic work environments, not only materials that are the equivalent of wearing oil on your skin, but also tons and tons of unsold clothes that accumulate in warehouses and are thrown away or left to rot.

This is no longer acceptable or sustainable.

That is why we decided to adopt and offer you PREORDER, which as a production system presents the most sustainability.
In fact, it allows us to produce only according to demand, avoiding overproduction and waste.
And you, by pre-ordering, make a difference with a gesture of love for yourself and the planet.

But does this mean I have to wait months to receive my La Methode garment? 

No. (Or rather, ni).

You'll have to be patient; we're talking days or weeks, not months.

It works like this::
on the page of the garment you intend to buy you will already find an approximate delivery datebased on the timing of the pre-order.
Every end of the month we collect orders and send them to production.

Once you've made your purchase, all you have to do is login into your account to follow the step-by-step updates of the creation of your garment

And if you're wondering what steps each La Methode garment goes through, here they are:

1 - selection and purchase of raw materials and the best yarns;
2 - knitted fabric production;
3 - finishing of the fabric in the dyehouse;
4 - cutting and making up the garment;
5 - washing and drying;
6 - packaging and shipping;
7 - repair and after-sale service.

This is also the guarantee that testifies to the way we operate, based on a short supply chain and very careful use of resources. filiera corta e su un attentissimo uso delle risorse.

And yes, on a level of quality that is nothing short of maniacal.

And then, think how nice: after the wait you will find in your hands your cargo, your hoodie, your girocollo (crew-neck short sleeves) or giroslim (crew-neck short sleeves slim fit)made for you, because you wanted them, and ready to accompany you in the coming years to come.

Can't you wait?
Then it's time to place your La Methode preorder!

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