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From Scorace to Mello - Part I

La Methode to Scorace Block Fest.

A hystory of rock, nature and a lot of passion.

Today we tell you how we came to fall in love with Bosco Scorace and Val di Mello and how the thought of La Methode is intertwined with this piece of our heart. 

It began like this...

Enraptured by the post-industrial daily grinda group of passionate climbers reflect - among rock, nature and passion - on how absurd and wrong the world we live in today is.

As they talk, we put our noses into many stories:
pollution, overproduction, exploitation of resources, people, extinctions and destruction of entire ecosystems, always and only in the name of the god Money.
Everything appears for what it is: excessive and out of control.

Squandering our days to accumulate wealth, investing time and much money to obtain superfluous and often very poor quality goods, chasing economic goals that, in the end, do not erase that deep sense of loneliness and social distance that we are all experiencing.

It emerges that at times we all feel useless to ourselves and others; this pressing pace of life is increasingly becoming a dangerous and irascible t-rex screaming will to change!

Thus began, almost five years ago, between blocks of perfect Sicilian sandstone and the granitic eden of the Val Di Mello, to generate a thread. 

This thread we call La Methode: the will to solve a problem, sporting, but not only.
A series of actions aimed at producing a sequence of gestures that can lead to a change of course.

From these values, united by a shared passion for sports, Produce Synapses' La Methode project was born.

From 2019 to 2023 we saw, searched, tried and tested, asked and, in the end, we understood.
Yes, we understood that each individual is always solely responsible for the wrong world he or she finds and suffers.
We understood that it is always YOU, with your choices, who can achieve change and a better world.

So we begin to think about how to direct our energies and work, proposing concrete development.

Slowing down, producing by seeking quality not only of product, but in the supply chain and ethics - these seem to us two viable and equally strong solutions.

The choice, in our case, falls on clothing production, a sector on which we can act concretely.

Why this article to tell the connection with Scorace Block Fest and the Mello Blocco?

We start in this tale from the North-no, from the South we mean!

From Bosco Scorace, a stunning eucalyptus paradise on Mount Abbatello in the province of Trapani.
Two willing young people, Davide and Giorgia, in an instant "kata"pult right there, from Varese to Trapani.

We know them in the North and admire them even more in the South.

For the last few years, a dozen or so in fact, they have been an example to us in terms of turnarounds, resilience and visions.
They have seen some good things in these years of work and land development: ups, downs, and now reaping what good they have sown!
Always energetic and tenacious, they have enhanced and made known unknown areas of a magical, mystical and contradictory land, and they have done so by putting ethical choices, first and foremost.

A lot of work, a lot of common sense, ethics and culture, spreading eagerness to do, to get involved, inviting friends and athletes to visit them, to experience for themselves that healthy and fresh joy of living and getting involved.

On this common ground we cultivated both our friendship and, later, our collaboration.

From this foundation we chose together to be part of their first event where climbing will take center stage, but not only - the Scorace Block Fest.

Taste, aesthetics and the value of the earth will be equally important elements.
The themes we hold dear. The care of places, the value in people.

We ask at this point what Davide and Giorgia think about it:

"We are often asked whether the idea of creating a B&b in the middle of nowhere or developing a boulder area from scratch came first in our plan for change, but the real answer is already in the beginning of the question.

First of all there was our desire for change. We knew exactly what we wanted to get away from, we had half an idea of what we could aim for, but we had absolutely no idea what the future held.

But change for better or worse is always good for you, it opens your mind to a variety of visions that locked in your nest you can never see, it makes you grow, makes you reflect, and hopefully...improve.

That is why La Methode fully reflects the message Bosco Scorace wants to give.

Sustainable change, a conscious grasp on what is no longer acceptable, a determined direction for a common salvation.

We are honored to be supported by a brand capable of having the courage to truly change things.

It is never easy to walk uphill, let alone climb, but once you get to the top the view will be beautiful."

We did not stop there, and for the occasion we have developed a special project that combines recycled raw materials, flock and both closely related to the area where the event will take place.

We won't reveal more for now!

So see you at Scorace Village from April 21-23, and in addition to the fantastic and unbelievable Scorace Block Festdon't miss the fantastic La Methode Contest:

Climbing with style, sign up here!!

There will be no shortage of elegance and lightness with:
Le CazzeDure, the 9Cplus, the Braz, the Nutbrush,the Brocchi sui Blocchi and The Crimp and the Good life!

In parallel to the Scorace Block Fest will also take place the Fashion Revolution Week and we will propose its first edition in Eastern Sicily!
Sign up here or visit us at our booth to get to know us and learn more about the project!

The appointments with La Methode have just begun.

The month of May will see us busy in a place that is full of meaning for us, the Val di Mello. Val di Mello.

Two appointments will be intertwined: the return of the Mello Block and a revamped ex-macelleria where you can come and discover, try on and order our garments.

You'll know everything soon, so keep following us for the continuation of the story!

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La Methode, a project by Produce Sinapsi.
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